Scott Engineering Company is a general consulting firm established in 1955 in the field of Civil Engineering.

About Us

Located just north of downtown Corinth, MS, our office includes everything needed to perform surveys, road and bridge design, hydraulic analyses, drafting and cartography, utility design and other specialized tasks. The attached laboratory is equipped with supplies for construction materials tests.

Our personnel are trained and certified for a range of tests involving concrete, soil, steel, wood and other construction materials. Water and wastewater sampling and testing are also within our expertise.


  • Residential, Commercial, & Industrial Site Development
  • Geotechnical Engineering
  • Foundation Analysis & Design
  • Environmental Assessment
  • Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans
  • Construction Materials Testing & Management
  • Structural Analysis & Design
  • Utility Engineering
  • Boundary & Topographic Surveying
  • Subdivision Design & Layout
  • Railroad Spur Track Design & Layout


We at Scott Engineering Company maintain an expertise in a range of disciplines.
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Residential, Commercial, & Industrial Site Development

At Scott Engineering Company, we are experts in commercial, residential, and industrial site development work - from surveying, design, and mapping, to erosion control, materials testing, and final grading.

Geotechnical Engineering

We offer a diverse skillset under the geotechnical category, where the primary goal is to design earthworks, foundations, and sub-grades in order to ensure safety from natural hazards.

Our Geotechnical Engineering services include:

  • Embankment and retaining wall design
  • Foundation recommendations
  • Geotextile applications
  • Ground improvement techniques
  • Groundwater controls
  • Installation of monitoring wells
  • Lateral earth pressures
  • Load tests
  • Pavement design
  • Settlement analysis
  • Slope stability analysis and design
  • Soil stabilization
  • Bearing verification/footing inspection
  • Drilled pier inspection
  • Pile driving inspection
  • Geotechnical drilling inspection

Foundation Analysis & Design

We routinely perform support value tests required by the City of Corinth before a building permit is issued for residential construction. Based on the results of the tests, a site-appropriate foundation design may be required. We offer foundation design services for residential construction of multiple stories and with or without a basement.

Environmental Assessment

An Environmental Assessment is a study to determine any unique environmental attributes, considering everything from endangered species to existing hazardous waste to historical significance. We also handle remediation of Brownfield sites.

A Brownfield site is an abandoned industrial property that may contain hazardous contaminants from the prior use of the property. This pollution is considered to be low-grade and able to be cleaned up. Brownfield sites can contain solvents, pesticides, asbestos or lead. A Brownfield site can also describe property that once housed a gas station, dry cleaner or other business that used pollutants.

Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans

Storm water pollution prevention plans, or SWPPP, are required by storm water permits. Scott Engineering will help you to obtain and remain in compliance with the terms of your storm water permit. This entails identification of all potential sources of pollution which may be expected to affect storm water discharges from the site, and description of practices to reduce pollutants in said discharges.

Construction Materials Testing & Management

Our laboratory technicians are equipped for a wide range of tests - in the laboratory, or on the site.

Soil Testing
  • To determine engineering properties and determine suitability
  • Field quality control - footing inspection, compaction tests
Concrete Testing
  • Specimens cured in temperature controlled 100% humidity chamber and compression tested in our lab
  • Field tested for temperature, air content, and workability
  • Lab/field inspection and testing of mortar and grout samples
Bituminous Concrete Testing
  • Asphalt testing in-lab and on-site to assure accordance with construction specifications
Aggregate Testing
  • Gradation of a wide range of materials
Fireproofing Inspection
  • On-site inspection of sprayed fire resistive material
  • Testing of thickness, density, cohesion/adhesion
Reinforcing Steel Inspection
  • On-site inspection of reinforcing steel placement
  • Verify compliance with specified size, number, spacing, overlap, projection, and clearances
Structural Steel Inspection
  • Inspection of bolted connections, welds, studs, and structural steel erection

Structural Analysis & Design

Structural design and analysis involves the engineering procedures and calculations necessary to select the materials and to provide the sizes and specifications of all structural elements. This includes, but not limited to: foundation, walls, columns, slabs, roof trusses, and connectors.

Whether these elements are wood, steel, aluminum, concrete, or composite, Scott Engineering has the expertise and experience to provide cost effective structural design solutions.

Our Structural Engineering services include:

  • Building Design & Analysis
  • Construction Inspections & Reporting
  • Expert Testimony
  • Forensic Engineering
  • Historic Preservations
  • Shallow & Deep Foundation Design
  • Due-Diligence Property Condition Assessment
  • Structural Inspections & Evaluations
  • Survey & Value Analysis of Existing Structures
  • Wood, Masonry, Steel & Concrete Design

Utility Engineering

"Utilities" refer to the services generally available to the public that add to the convenience, safety and well-being.

We offer these Utility Engineering services:

  • Drinking Water Distribution System Design
  • Fire Protection and Sprinkler System Design
  • Water Treatment Plant Design
  • Water Well Development
  • Wastewater Collection System Design
  • Wastewater Treatment Plant Design
  • Water and Wastewater Testing
  • Natural Gas Distribution Design

Boundary & Topographic Surveying

The Boundary Survey is a basic survey used to establish the perimeter of a property as it relates to the legal description. Since the intent of the deed is paramount, the Surveyor's primary task is to "retrace the footsteps of the original surveyor." The Surveyor must interpret the legal description contained within the record deed and locate the real property on the earth's surface for the client. The Topographic Survey includes two levels of information consisting of the planimetric detail or the physical features on the site and the relief or the elevations of the site. The planimetric detail is usually represented by a scaled drawing illustrating the actual outline of the feature and the relief is usually illustrated by contour lines.

An ALTA/NSPS Land Title Survey is a survey used for conveyances and contains boundary information and usually a level of topographic information. The Minimum Detail Standards promulgated by ALTA/NSPC are the national standards used for conveyance surveys and are required by most lending institutions for commercial transactions. The lending institution specifies the amount of topographic information that needs to be represented by the survey.

Our Land Surveying services include:

  • ALTA (American Land Title Association) Survey
  • Boundary/Property Survey
  • Construction Staking/Surveying
  • Topographic Survey
  • Mortgage Inspection
  • Subdivision Survey
  • Machine Control Data Preparation
  • GPS Control
  • FEMA Elevation Certificate

Subdivision Design & Layout

We offer "turn-key" services for subdivision development. Our engineers and surveyors have the knowledge and experience to represent the client's interests to the City of Corinth's Board of Adjustment, Planning Commission and the various utility departments.

Typical tasks needed for Subdivision Design may include:

  • Original Boundary Survey
  • Topographic Survey
  • Overhead and Underground Utility Location
  • Soil Tests
  • Code Research
  • Lot Layout
  • Street Design
  • Utility Design
  • Storm Water Design
  • Environmental Design

Railroad Spur & Track Design

Industrial spur tracks are well within our capabilities to design, layout and inspect. Our designs for spur tracks can accomodate the specifications for local railroads in standard and custom applications including in-motion scales.